It’s 2017, cheap shirts, and a…March, 2017

Hello our beloved Hoosiernauts.

It’s been a while since we’ve been in touch, we know, but we have to blame that on “solo project fever”…

If you hadn’t seen, Irwin travelled to the emerald isle to be BIG, and is now a beat cop (not really), whereas Al and Sam wrote a musical for kids about the alphabet and animals, cleverly – and very accurately – titled “Animalphabet”.

As Al said the other day, that’s too many cooks in one basket.

But now that collective itch has been scratched, we’ve already got a Hoosiers gig under our belts for 2017, and our first festival of the summer has been announced.

We also have some big plans for later in this year… we’re not quite ready to let you know yet, but if you do some simple base-10 maths, you may be able to figure out what it is.

In the meantime, we need to clear out some space in the warehouse to make room for some new goodies, so for the rest of March and all the way up to Easter, ALL our t-shirts are only £5! A bargain at twice the price! So head yourselves over to our shop, use magic code TSHIRT5 and fill your wardrobe with short-sleeved Hoosier-y goodness just in time for Spring (and also check out some of the limited-edition stuff… we found an extra box of posters and vinyl the other day!…)

So keep your eyes peeled, tell your mates about the crazy sale, and clear out those ear-holes ready for more!

Good talk,

The Hoosiers

Video for Up To No GoodOctober, 2015

Feast your eyes on our new video for “Up To No Good”!

Our Spring Sale, New Live AlbumsMay, 2016

Hello to everyone out there in Hoosier-land.

It’s been good to dust off the cobwebs and see some of you recently at the first of our festival gigs of the year.

The Hoosiers Live In London Album Cover The Hoosiers Acoustic Songs In A Church Album CoverWhilst the wheels behind the scenes are turning, we thought give you a few updates that you may have missed… primarily that our 2 live albums – Live In London and Acoustic Songs In A Church – that we were selling on CD on tour last year are now up on iTunes and Spotify.

You can only get the 2CD package from us (on our website or at our shows) but if you’re a Spoti-fan have a listen on there. We’ve also created 2 playlists for the live albums, pitting the album versions against the live/acoustic ones. Which do you prefer? Let us know.

In other news… can you believe it’s been 2 years since ‘The News From Nowhere’ came out? (We can’t tell if we should be shocked that it was 2 whole years ago or that it was ONLY 2 years ago.)

The News From Nowhere Ultimate Fighting ComboEither way, we have some good news for you – we’ve been clearing out our warehouse and have found some ‘spare’ NFNW limited-edition vinyl, hand-printed posters, as well as the last remaining T-shirts… so we’ve put them up on the website shop AND put them all on sale!

You can get the massive News From Nowhere merch bundle for a super-low price, or if you already have a full Hoosier-tastic wardrobe, use the code NWNF20 at the check-out to get 20% off of any NFNW-related merchandise. We’ll keep the sale running for all of May, but supplies are pretty short so don’t wait too long!

See more of you soon as the summer marches on – keep an eye out for more festival shows coming soon,

Al, Irwin, Sam

The Secret Service – Out Now!October, 2015

It’s here, it’s here! Enjoy The Secret Service ladies and gentlemen. If you’ve pre-ordered the new album, the download is now available in our shop for you; the CDs will be arriving in our warehouse next week and then get on their way to you along with all your other pre-order goodies.

See some of you this weekend on tour, yes?!

The Secret Service

The Secret ServiceOctober, 2015

The Secret Service

Our 4th studio album The Secret Service was released on 9 October 2015 on CD, Vinyl, and Download. Get it now!

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